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Instructions for installing SONAR

If you have not yet installed SONAR, or have installed an update patch to SONAR, you must run SONAR at least once before installing CakeTalking. This document will instruct you how to install SONAR from your SONAR CD or DVD without sighted assistance.

System Requirements


Uninstalling Previous Versions

There is no need to uninstall previous versions of CakeTalking for SONAR before installing this version unless someone from Dancing Dots has explicitly instructed you to do so.


Unless you have already purchased CakeTalking for SONAR or intend to do so, do not download and install the installation program for CakeTalking. CakeTalking does not yet have a demo mode. Without proper authorization, CakeTalking will report that you do not have an authorized copy of CakeTalking and will close Cakewalk SONAR. You will be unable to use SONAR with JAWS until you uninstall CakeTalking.

Download CakeTalking

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