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The Lime Lighter
Music-Reading Solution for People with Low Vision

Image of Lime Lighter Leggiero model mounted on the music rack of a piano and displaying magnified music as white notes on a black background on a grand staf

Lime Lighter is a solution for people with low vision who want to read magnified music notation hands-free. If you purchased your Lime Lighter after January 31, 2014, there is no cost to upgrade. The introductory cost for all other customers in the United States is $395. If you purchased Lime Lighter from one of our international dealers, contact that dealer for a price quotation in your currency.

New and Improved Features

  • Support for the AirTurn wireless pedal.
  • New “Ticker Tape” and “Auto Cue” presentation modes.
  • Choice of manual or automatic scrolling. Option to control scroll rate on the fly.
  • New gestures to navigate quickly through the score including an on-screen go-to-bar touch pad.
  • New low vision parameters to selectively adjust appearance of individual components of the score such as thickness of staff lines
  • Control of background and foreground coloring, including coloring noteheads by note name.
  • Scrolling options to eliminate display of page or system breaks.
  • Automatic recognition of repeats and other disjunctions.
  • Full support for importing scores in the MusicXML format.
  • Listen to the score at any tempo while music scrolls automatically. Option to play just the accompaniment, so you can play-along to practice.
  • Fully functional music editor, enabling you to correct or adjust appearance of scores or to create them from scratch.
  • Option to scroll measure by measure or line by line.
  • Option to save Lime files as “Published” versions to protect score information from being changed.
  • Compatible with third-party text magnification software for viewing text of Lime’s menus and dialogs.

Order Your Lime Lighter Upgrade

You may download this software upgrade at no cost or add $12 to have a physical copy of the upgrade DVD shipped to you.

Order now for $395. Available by electronic delivery.

For more information or to order your Lime Lighter upgrade, please call Dancing Dots at +1 610 783 6692 or order online above.

Order the AirTurn QUAD (for Lime 915 Users with a USB pedal), $190

Lime 9.15 now supports pedals from AirTurn. The AirTurn QUAD has four pedals, is wireless, and quiet.

Dealers and Demonstration Sites for The Lime Lighter

Call to make an appointment to visit the sites below. You may also ask about the possibility of someone visiting your home or work place to give a presentation on The Lime Lighter.

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