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Viewing and Embossing Braille Music Created by GOODFEEL on a Note-taker

If your note-taker has a braille display you can use it to read and even revise the braille music created by GOODFEEL. The specifics on how to do so vary according to which device you use. We list some instructions below for you to try. Contact us using our Contact us if these instructions do not work for you.

Embossing GOODFEEL Files from the Braille Note

From the main menu, press W for Word Processor. Then press O for Open. Point to the drive and folder where your .gf file is located. If you don’t see the file there, you probably need to press X-chord to toggle the Braille Note between an entry type of "Keysoft Files" and one called "All Files".

You want "All Files".

Locate your .gf file in the file list and press Enter. When you receive the prompt "Review Previous Options?" type "y" for Yes.

When asked: "Is this a braille or text document?" type "b" for Braille and press Enter. When asked "Use line or paragraph format when opening the document answer "l" for line and press Enter.

When asked: "Use line or paragraph format when saving the document?" answer "l" for line and press Enter. When asked "Extended character set?" type "a" for Ansi and press E-chord. This will open the file.

Check the alignment of its music and lyrics. It should be correct. Then, press E-chord again to back up to the Keyword menu and press "e" for Emboss. If you haven’t set up your embosser, press "s" to do so; otherwise, press "e" to emboss the file.

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