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CakeTalking and Sibelius Speaking Compatibility

Our latest version of CakeTalking for SONAR, version 6.2, and the latest version of Sibelius Speaking 3 for Sibelius 3 use the same screen resolution. (1024 by 768). However, CakeTalking for SONAR requires 32-bit color depth and Sibelius Speaking needs 16-bit color. Sibelius Speaking 3 requires JAWS 5.1 or 6.x while CakeTalking for SONAR 6.2 runs only under JAWS versions 7.x or 8.x.

To switch back and forth between JAWS versions, you must unload JAWS (INSERT+F4) and reload a different version. It may be handy to set up hot keys to your different JAWS versions. For example, ALT+CONTROL+8 could start JAWS 8 and ALT+CONTROL+6 could start JAWS 6.

Always reboot your PC after changing the color depth setting from 16 to 32-bit and vice versa.

Multires is a utility that can help you configure your system so that it automatically switches your screen resolution.

If you have questions, please post them to our ddots-l listserv as there's a good chance that someone else will have the same question.

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