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GOODFEEL 3's enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Compatible with Lime 8 which has many great new features!
  • Most embosser character sets are now supported.
  • Optional integration with the Duxbury Braille Translator version 10.5 makes textbook transcription much easier.
  • GOODFEEL 3 can braille directly to Windows printers now under all Windows versions.
  • Formatting is more controllable.
  • There is no longer a size limit for your Lime file.
  • Some options can now be embedded in your Lime files.
  • New interface

Lime 8's New Features

  • Annotations are more easily and clearly categorized.
  • With the MusicXML import, you can easily and accurately read files from Finale. Sibelius files can also be exported to MusicXML with the Dolet plug-in from Recordare.
  • A braille window displays the current braille.
  • Lime 8 is accessible using JAWS!
  • More musical items can be imported from SharpEye.
  • Lime 8 has better support for soft synths.

See our main page about GOODFEEL to learn about its general features.
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