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How to Use Our Transcription Service


To use our transcription service, send us your file or printed score.

Please notify us if you have any trouble or suggestions to improve this process.

Guidelines for Preparing Files

By following these guidelines, you will make the transcription process faster, easier and cheaper.

Sending File(s) and Form(s) via Disk

Put all your files onto a floppy disk, put the disk into a floppy disk mailer and send it to:

Dancing Dots
Attn: Office Manager
1754 Quarry Lane
, Suite DD, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Sending File(s) and Form(s) via E-mail

E-mail us your file(s). If you are sending a number of large files, use pkzip or a compatible compression program to "zip" them all into one file and then email us that file.

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