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Dancing Dots Audio and Video Presentations

Note: Even with a high-speed internet connection, please allow 60 seconds or more for each of the presentations to download. If your connection is not high-speed, it will take much longer. If you have technical difficulty, contact us.

    Lime Lighter

  • Lime Lighter


  • GOODFEEL Captured Movie (<4MB Windows Media Video - .avi): An HTML document provides an overview of the process of creating braille music using GOODFEEL. Links to movies show examples. GOODFEEL Information

    Lime Aloud

  • Lime Aloud Audio Presentation (14MB mp3): Listen as a blind musician briefly demonstrates how to review musical scores and how to create new ones using Lime with Lime Aloud. Lime Aloud Information
  • Lime Aloud Presentacin Audio
    GOODFEEL y Lime Aloud Estudiando Nueva Material (15MB mp3): Un msico ciego, Fernando Apan de Mxico, lea una pieza usando el mtodo del acceso se llama Lime Aloud.
    GOODFEEL y Lime Aloud Creando Nueva Pieza (37MB mp3): Un msico ciego, Fernando Apan de Mxico, crea una pieza en tinta y braille usando el mtodo del acceso se llama Lime Aloud. Lime Aloud Information
  • Lime Aloud/GOODFEEL Audio Presentation auf Deutsch (37MB mp3): Hren Sie, wie ein blinder Musiker kurz demonstriert, wie man musikalische Partitur wiederholt und wie man neue Partitur unter Verwendung des Lime mit Lime Aloud verursacht.


  • CakeTalking Audio Presentation (48MB mp3): Listen as Bryan Smart, Dancing Dots' lead tech support and training specialist, blind audio producer and CakeTalking enthusiast, puts SONAR through its paces. In this detailed but fast-moving audio presentation, Bryan covers a whole lot: basic operations of SONAR, the track view, mixing, showing effects and how CakeTalking can edit, mixing with a control surface, recording a simple project using soft synthes, demonstrating the Matrix view, and demonstrating some basic editing features like cut/copy/paste, quantize, transpose, and interpolate. He also briefly touches on SONAR's AudioSnap facility. The entire demo is about an hour and 45 minutes long but it is designed to present the basic operations in the first 20 minutes or so..
    CakeTalking Information
  • Creatively Speaking Interview (3MB mp3) with Marcus Roberts: Bill McCann and Marcus Roberts were interviewed by Creatively Speaking's Theresa Madden in May of 2005.
  • Dancing Dots Overview Movie (36MB Windows Media Video - .avi): Bill McCann, Albert Milani and Gordon Kent demonstrate many Dancing Dots products.
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