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Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
November, 2000

Dancing Dots Announces GOODFEEL Lite

Dancing Dots, the pioneer in helping blind people make music with their computer, now offers a lite version of its world-renowned GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator for Windows. With the release of GOODFEEL 2.5, Dancing Dots will introduce this lite version.

The full version of GOODFEEL allows creation of vocal or instrumental parts, keyboard, pieces or even full scores. Customers who order GOODFEEL Lite will choose just one of these formats. In all other respects, GOODFEEL Lite is identical to the full product.

The full version of GOODFEEL retails for $795. GOODFEEL Lite will sell for $199. Dancing Dots will also offer a GOODFEEL Lite with Scanning for $299. All versions of GOODFEEL come with a licensed copy of the Lime music notation editor.

We hope that GOODFEEL Lite will make high-quality, automated braille music transcription more affordable particularly to the individual consumer. GOODFEEL 2.5 features a simplified user interface and support for the 1997 international standards for music braille. Our product is compatible with screen readers and friendly to the blind user. GOODFEEL can transcribe MIDI or Lime notation files. NIFF for Lime files created by music scanning software are imported into Lime and transcribed by GOODFEEL.

Since 1992, Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology has been a pioneer in software development and innovation for the blind musician. In 1997 Dancing Dots released its first product, the GOODFEEL(r) Braille Music Translator. Meantime, the company has expanded its focus to enabling blind musicians to independently record, edit and print out their musical ideas. Their CakeTalking product customizes the JAWS for Windows screen reader to give the blind user the highest level of access ever to Cakewalk, mainstream software which converts a PC into a digital recording studio. Bill McCann, a blind musician and programmer and Dancing Dots' founder, sees GOODFEEL(r) and CakeTalking as the first in a series of high-tech tools to harness the power of the personal computer for creative people with disabilities.

The company is an authorized distributor for a wide range of assistive technology and music products with blind and sighted customers throughout the U.S. and 21 other countries. Please visit www.dancingdots.com for further details.

Winner of the 2000 Access Award of the American Foundation for the Blind and the Tibbetts Award of the US Small Business Administration.
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