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Sample Configuration for Sighted Users

GOODFEEL with Lime and SharpEye

Scan sheet music, edit the results with the Lime notation editor and transcribe with GOODFEEL.

Use the information below to estimate the cost of a system to produce accessible braille scores using GOODFEEL®. Link to other pages on our site for latest pricing. Note that prices shown on this site are our "payment-with-order" prices. Insitutional customers who pay with purchase orders may pay more for certain products. Just request a price quote from us to get latest pricing and specifications.

  • * indicates a required component.
  • ! indicates a highly recommended components.
  • = indicates that many equivalent components are available.

The following components are available from Dancing Dots.

(*) GOODFEEL Standard ( includes GOODFEEL, Lime, Lime Aloud and SharpEye 2)
(*) GOODFEEL Lite ( includes GOODFEEL Lite, Lime with Lime Aloud, and SharpEye 2) $895
(=) Yamaha PSRE423 MIDI Keyboard (piano-style)
(=) MIDI Music Pack (includes MIDI cable which connects piano-style MIDI keyboard directly to PC sound card)
(!=) Twain-compatible scanner
(!=) Braille Embosser $2,195 to

The following optional components are not absolutely necessary but recommended where appropriate.

(=) Braille Display and Notetaker (for reviewing output from GOODFEEL)
$3395 to

The follow components are required and must be purchased from third-party vendors. The prices listed below are estimates.

(*=) Pentium-based PC with sound card
(=) Printer (for print conventional staff notation from Lime)

Installation and training are also available.

At the customer’s option, a technician from Dancing Dots will install and test all system components and, if requested, conduct on-site user training. The rate for installation and training is $95 per hour plus, for customers outside the Philadelphia area, travel and related expenses.

We also offer classroom training in Philadelphia. Click here for more information.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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