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"Regarding a tactful way of putting it - I told my school district that "Calculus is diffucult but no one would advocate dropping it from teh curriculum, and there are always teachers prepared to teach this even to the smallest group of interested students. Braille music is certainly no where near the challencge of calculus. It is in fact on par with what music reading abilities could be expected from any student at a given level of classroom instruction.

Sighted peers begin learning to read music in the second grade. Just as a Kindergarten student begins to read, so does a blind Kindergarten student; so too can the blind second grader learn basic music code (they are already learning Nemeth at that stage.)"

Good luck, Prinjan

"It is certainly a breakthrough, the most significant step we've had of this sort, and a whole new world for braille music readers."

Shirley Emmanuel, Library of Congress

"I really am thrilled. I recently lost 3 regular clients and when I called to find out why, Ilearned that they had taken my advice and purchased GOODFEEL. The sighted people using Lime are all excited, and the blind persons doing the embossing are truly grateful. As you know, I do not use GOODFEEL myself for my own work, but its increasing use frees me up to focus on the more esoteric assignments."

Bettye Krolick, braille music transcriber and GOODFEEL beta tester

"GOODFEEL has altogether revolutionized my work... I now have almost immediate access to music which previously would have all but passed its teach-by-date!"

John Henry, Harpsichord Professor, Trinity College of Music, London

"as a professional musician, Goodfeel has revolutionised the way in which I work and has put me on a completely level playing field with my sighted colleagues."

Matthew Wadsworth, Lutenist
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"It is fantastic. In fact, I nearly cried when I saw my own music right there in braille. Its awesome."

Stephanie Franklin, Australian blind musician

"I am very impressed with the continuing improvements to GOODFEEL... Congratulations to Bill McCann and Albert Milani!"

Bettye Krolick, braille music transcriber and GOODFEEL beta tester
International Meeting on Music Braille by Bettye Krolick

"Having GOODFEEL's braille transcription of my arrangements at a rehearsal saves precious time when I work with symphony orchestras."

Marcus Roberts, Sony Recording Artist, Jazz Pianist and Artist-in-Residence for 2002 Olympic Games

"Once I transfer the GOODFEEL file to my Braille Lite, I can take it to ensemble rehearsals and actually mark my music like everyone else."

Leslie Kouzes, graduate student, Eastman School of Music

"GOODFEEL is quick and efficient. It really shines in its ability to yield various formats from a single source file."

John Sanfilippo, Lighthouse International Music School, New York City

"GOODFEEL, music scanning software, and MIDI music players have helped a great deal in familiarizing myself with a wider variety of music."

Kevin Utter, Music Educator, Church Organist/Accompanist, Colorado

"GOODFEEL has bridged the gap for musicians who are blind."

Bernadette Kappen, Director, Overbrook School for the Blind


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