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About GOODFEEL Automated Braille Music Transcription Service
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Note from a Happy Music Educator:

"The braille music was delivered right on time. The student was able to audition and he scored high enough to be selected to the regional choir so it was well worth the extra effort! Thank-you so much for helping us out!" --Becky from AZ

About GOODFEEL Automated Braille Music Transcription Service

Our software-based transcription service is so much quicker than traditional methods. Dancing Dots can transcribe a printed score or create the braille transcription from your Lime, MusicXML or MIDI computer music files.

Advantages of the GOODFEEL Automated Transcription Service

  • Fast: In most cases, your braille music will be returned to you in three weeks or less!
  • Flexible: Your music can be formatted according to a number of options. For example, we can produce a full score and separate parts. We can even transpose your composition to a new key. You choose the number of lines per page and the braille cells per line.
  • Accurate: Our translator has been designed to provide music braille that conforms to the standards set by the Music Committee of the Braille Authority of North America. We can also create music and literary braille for use in the United Kingdom (UK). We have added transcription options to GOODFEEL to employ certain alternate symbols preferred by some international customers. We can transcribe music texts that have large blocks of text followed by musical examples. Dancing dots can produce lyric, title and other literary text in numerous languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin, Portuguese and Dutch.

How the Service Works

Send us your print score (hardcopy or PDF), Lime, MusicXML or MIDI file. We will use GOODFEEL to convert these files to music braille.

Hardcopy or PDF print Score:We will input print scores into the LIME notation editor and then translate the resulting Lime file using GOODFEEL.

MIDI: Use your sequencer to create MIDI files for GOODFEEL.

LIME: Lime (for Windows and Macintosh) is used in music education programs in the U.S. and abroad. Dancing Dots is authorized to resell Lime to our customers.

MusicXML: Create MusicXML editions of your Finale, Sibelius or other commercial music notation files for us to import into Lime.

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