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Rates for Music Transcription

Music Transcription

Dancing Dots specializes in automating braille music transcription using their GOODFEEL® software designed to produce braille scores that conform to international standards for music braille. Send Dancing Dots your print score, LIME or MusicXML notation file or MIDI file. They will input print scores or import digital scores into the LIME notation editor and then translate the resultant Lime file using GOODFEEL. Transcriptions can be returned as embossed hardcopy braille or as an ASCII text file.

Prices quoted are per braille page.

From Lime, MusicXML or MIDI computer file
From print score depending on complexity of material
$6.50 - $9.00
Additional copies per page

All orders will be shipped via UPS Ground unless other arrangements are made.

Setup and Optional Charges

Setup and proofreading (see note below)
$20.00 per hour
$2.00 per volume optional binding fee
Handling charge
$5.00 minimum handling charge per order
Title pages
No charge

$35 minimum charge per order.

Note: Set-up and processing fees are charged for time spent to process, proofread and revise files.

Some examples of standard processing are: entering title page information, part or track grouping, and reviewing interval direction setting. Non-standard revisions including making any necessary refinements to user-supplied file such as correcting Lime annotations or setting proper key signature in MIDI file.

Be sure to communicate any special processing instructions on your order form.

Please contact us if you need clarification about our music transcription service rates.

Other Rate Information

  • All payments must be remitted in U.S. dollars.
  • Orders from outside of the United States must be prepaid.
  • We may elect not to process requests for certain reasons (e.g. printed notation is illegible or incomplete, files were not prepared according to our guidelines and will be prohibitively expensive to edit.
Estimates provided on request.

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