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Cosmo Braille Writer Payment-With-Order Sale

Cosmo Braille Writer

The Cosmo electronic Braille Writer from EBrailler, LLC, represents one of the most significant innovations in braille technology in recent memory. Cosmo is the world’s quietest and most flexable electronic braille writer and embosser.

Now through February 24, 2018, you can order Cosmo at a huge discount and save $645. Shipping free in the continental United States which saves you $95 more. We particularly hope this special price will make acquisition of Cosmo more affordable to parents of blind children everywhere. Cosmo is a Braille typewriter which is easy for children and adults to use, quiet, economical, easily maintained, and portable. It can be used as a quiet Braille Embosser or a Braille input device for a computer when using the Duxbury Braille Translator application. When there is an assignment or class hand out, the document can be translated to Braille using the Duxbury application. The assignment can then be embossed on paper using the Cosmo emboss function in real time, in the classroom without disturbing the other students.

Create crisp, easy to read braille regardless of paper thickness and do it on a device no louder than most ink jet printers.

More Braille Instruction Time at a Lower Cost with BERT

Braille educators appreciate the ability to provide instruction to students living in hard to travel and distant locations with the use of BERT, (Braille Education Remote Tool). BERT is an online subscription service that saves time and money while empowering Braille teachers to provide quality remote Braille instruction to their students.

Contact Dancing Dots to receive more information about the Braille Education Remote Tool (BERT) service.

Read a review of Cosmo and BERT published by NFB (the National Federation of the Blind).

Cosmo Hardware Description

The Cosmo keyboard uses keys that have a living hinge similar to a piano’s keyboard. Because of the innovations in the design of the Keyboard there are no electronic parts or wires in the keyboard itself. The keyboard fits in a depression in the top of the case which protects the Cosmo Brailler's internal functions but allows the user access to the keyboard and the case under the keyboard. In this way the keyboard can be removed and cleaned by the user. The case of the device can be wiped off if there is a spill or if dirt or other debris accumulates in or under the keyboard. The keyboard itself can be cleaned with soap and water, then dried and replaced in the Cosmo Brailler.

Order Cosmo at Special Payment-with-Order Price

Note to schools and agencies: our purchase order price remains $2,495 plus $95 for shipping in continental U.S. But you may receive the sale price if you provide payment with order by 2/24/18.

Our sale Price $1,850 with FREE Shipping in continental U.S.

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Disregard any shipping charge for Cosmo. We process orders manually and will not charge anything for shipping Cosmo anywhere in the continental U.S.

Check this checkbox to add Duxbury to your order Our On-Line Price is $579.

Review a brief presentation of The eBrailler Cosmo

Cosmo and Duxbury

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