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Sibelius Speaking 3

from Dancing Dots


As of April, 2009, Dancing Dots can no longer support Sibelius Speaking. In late 2008, David Pinto, independent developer of Sibelius Speaking 3, decided that he will not attempt to upgrade Sibelius Speaking 3 to later versions of Sibelius; that is, version 4, 5 and beyond. Dancing Dots can no longer supply customers with Sibelius 3 as we used to as Sibelius (the company) has no more stock to supply to us.

We recommend that you consider our comparable product, Lime Aloud, as it is a powerful and accessible music notation editor. Listen to an audio presentation of Lime Aloud. Lime Aloud provides verbal and musical cues as you navigate through an existing score or create a new one. If you read braille music notation, you can also read the equivalent braille music on your braille display as you move through your score by ordering the GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator which ships with the Lime Aloud feature included.

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