Lime's MusicXML Import

Lime's MusicXML import is good but there are some problems that you should be aware of. MusicXML files can be obtained from the Internet, Finale, Sibelius and some other music notation editors. Please e-mail us if you have suggestions or corrections.


  • See File Formats for general information, including Internet sources, about MusicXML files.
  • If, while importing a MusicXML file into Lime, you receive the message, "Your MusicXML file does not indicate where new pages begin, so its pages need to be determined before you go on. Click Continue to start the process." You should click on Continue, select 'Use the Following System (,) and Page Start (,) Locations:' and then click on OK. This usually happens when the piece you are importing has only one page which makes Lime think something is missing because there is no page break information.
  • Lime 8.50 and later can import MusicXML files but Lime 9.13 and earlier have some problems with importing MusicXML files including:

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