Samples of GOODFEEL Transcriptions

The zip files contain all the files for each piece. All the braille and MIDI files are less than 4K. The largest Lime file is less than 60K. The MIDI files were created from Lime. The Lime files require Lime version 8.0 or later and GOODFEEL version 3.0 or later.

My Country 'Tis of Thee

Zip file (Lime, MIDI, Braille), MIDI, LIME, Braille, Braille (from MIDI)

The "Harp" String Quartet (Beethoven)

Zip file (Lime and Braille), LIME, Braille Score, Braille Separate Parts

Fur Elise (Albumblatt) (Beethoven)

Zip file (Lime, MIDI, Braille), MIDI, LIME, Braille Braille (from MIDI),

Cumpleaños Felíz: cumpleanos.lim (Lime), Braille

To reproduce this braille yourself you must open the Transcriptions Options dialog in GOODFEEL and click on the International button and select Español.ini for both the Literary and the Extended ASCII files.

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