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Using Peernet's TIFF Image Printer (9.0) with SharpEye


This page describes how to use Peernet's TIFF Image Printer (9.0) with SharpEye. The Peernet TIFF Image Printer is mostly used to convert PDF files to images and then those images are read by SharpEye Newer versions of Peernet's product will probably work in the same or similar way.

What to Do

Peernet's TIFF Image Printer

The Peernet TIFF IMage Printer costs $135. Peernet's Raster Image Printer will also probably work but we have not tested it with SharpEye recently. The Raster Image Printer is more expensive and can make other files besides TIFF files.

Peernet Settings for SharpEye

After installation, go to its Start menu submenu and run Properties... and in there use the following settings:

  • Save tab (picture of settings)
    • Type: TIFF Serialized
    • Dithering: Halftone
    • Output Directory: it's up to you.
    • Advanced File Naming (optional but recommended) (picture of settings)
      • Showing naming profile for: Serialized
      • Format String: %s_%3d
      • Variables: $(OutputFileName) and $(FileNumber)
      • Output Directory = it's up to you.
      • Check Use default extension
  • Compression tab (picture of settings)
    • Greyscale = High Quality JPEG

Use Batch process in SharpEye

Because the image files are already made, it is easiest to use Batch process... which is under the Read menu. Batch process allows you to select many image files at the same time to recognize and then it puts them all together which is much easier than manually putting the separate pages together. Remember to:

  • Make sure the image files are in the correct order in the File name field of the Open dialog that is displayed after clicking Add files. You may have to select the files in reverse order.
  • Set your Output folder (so you know where the files are).
  • Check Join files after conversion.
  • Specify a good name for the joined file.

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