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Selecting Multiple Notes in SharpEye

An icon of a movie camera A movie of how to select multiple notes in SharpEye


There are two ways of selecting multiple notes in SharpEye:

  1. Shift-Left-Click While Dragging a Rectangle around Notes
    Holding the shift key down while dragging a rectangle around the notes you want to be selected will make SharpEye select all the notes encompassed by the rectangle. Anything that was previously selected will not be selected anymore.
  2. Control-Click While Selecting Notes
    Holding the control key down while selecting a note will make SharpEye add the selected note to the selection.

Notes (comments)

  • It is possible to add more notes to any selected group of notes using control-click but shift-click ALWAYS clears the previous selection (it is not possible to add a group of notes to a group of selected notes using shift+click).
  • Multple lyrics can be selected by double-clicking one lyric of a line of lyrics that you want to select. All the selected lyrics will be from the same system and same verse.
  • Besides lyrics, only notes can be selected in groups.

Explanation of This Video

  • SharpEye is already running and the music (along with the image) is displayed.
  • Selecting Multiple Notes using Shift-Left-Click
    • Imagine a rectangle aournd the notes you want to select and move the mouse to one of the corners of this rectangle.
    • Press the Shift key and hold it down.
    • Left-click at one of the corners and while continuing to hold the Shift key and the left mouse button down, move the mouse towards the opposing corner of the imaginary rectangle until all the desired notes are selected. Note that all 5 notes could have been selected to achieve the same result but only 3 notes were selected so that control-left-click could be demonstrated below.
    • Release the Shift key and mouse button.
  • Adding to the Selection using Control-Left-Click
    • Press the Control key and hold it down.
    • Left-click each note that should be added to the selection.
    • Release the Control key and mouse button.
  • At this point, various note attributes can be changed. The notes were made into a tuplet. Staccato and accent were turned on and off for the selected notes.
  • To unselect the notes, click on a place where there is nothing.

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