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Features in Release 2.08

What's new in Release 2.08

  • Lime 6.00 files that come from scanning are now properly handled. This is the main reason for this release.
  • Files with long names & folders can now be reprinted.
  • A problem with some lyrics (like "bis.-") was fixed.
  • GOODFEEL can now reliably handle file names longer than 16 characters.
  • A 32nd note pickup with 2 voices will now be handled better.
  • Endings (as in first and second) can now be in ranges like 1,3 or 1-3.

What's New in Release 2.07 (from 2.00)

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Help so that the Help Topics Dialog is not always displayed.
  • The lyric format is only used if there are lyrics.
  • Repetition signs (like D.S. al Coda) are now brailled after the bar line.
  • Fixed some copy protection issues with non-U.S. customers.
  • GOODFEEL gracefully exits when a rehearsal marker is encountered in the middle of an inaccord.
  • Extremely long annotations are now truncated so they don't make GOODFEEL crash and a warning is displayed.

General Enhancements

  • Lime page numbers are now shown in error messages and warnings.
  • The serial number is now available in the About Box.
  • The main form text is cleared as soon as the open dialog succeeds.
  • The installation program recommends a music documents directory which is also recommended by Lime when Lime is installed.
  • The literary.ini file for U.S. English now has entries for extended ASCII characters so that GOODFEEL will braille a dot 4 before these characters. For example, the letter u with an umlaut will now be brailled with a dot 4 followed by the letter u.
MIDI Specific Bug fixes
  • A few problems with placing double bars at the end of a piece were fixed.
  • Lyric notes now get slurred if it is appropriate.
  • Pickup measure numbering and marker numbering was fixed.
  • A rounding problem with metronome beats per note was fixed. For example, quarter note = 83 used to be brailled as 82.
  • Accidentals are now handled properly in all in-accord voices.

MIDI Specific Enhancements

  • Similar, consecutive metronome changes now get converted to rit. or accel. tempo expressions.
  • GOODFEEL now can handle up to 32 MIDI tracks.
  • MIDI track names are now shown in MIDI | Part Control.
  • MIDI rythmic conversion was changed to allow for more specific rhythms. For example, GOODFEEL may now transcribe a half note in 3/4 where before it would have always transcribed a dotted half.

Release Notes

  • GOODFEEL can NOT be run from a network hard drive. It must be installed on a hard drive on the computer on which you will run GOODFEEL.
  • The copy protection for GOODFEEL can not be installed with Windows NT but there may be a way around this. Please contact us if you wish to install GOODFEEL on a system with Windows NT.

Upgrading from Earlier Versions of GOODFEEL

If the installation process finds a previous version of GOODFEEL, it will use your existing gf.ini but we recommend that you manually make the changes below to your gf.ini file. It is not imperative that you make these changes so if you are not sure how to edit your gf.ini file you can wait and we recommend that you read the GOODFEEL help file section which explains these files. If you want to get the latest gf.ini "move" your old version to a different name before installing the new version and the installation process will give you a new one.

Here is a way to edit your gf.ini file:

  • Start Notepad (Start | Programs | Accessories | Notepad)
  • File | Open: Find the GOODFEEL for Windows installation folder and then find gf.ini
  • Make the desired changes
  • When you are done, press <Alt-F4> and save your changes

Here are the recommended changes:

To the [Tempo Expressions] list add "march" and change "moderately" or "moderate" to "moderat" and if you added "march", add 1 to num_exp_tempo which is at the top of the list.

If You Are Upgrading from the DOS Version of GOODFEEL

  • We recommend that you use your old "gf.ini" file and make the changes noted below.
  • If you made changes to your grade2.txt file read about the changes in the grade2 translator in the help file.
  • If you made changes to the gfsubs.txt file you must incorporate them into the gf.ini file.

Uninstalling GOODFEEL

If you need to reformat your hard drive you MUST first uninstall GOODFEEL's copy protection or you will lose an installation of GOODFEEL.

To uninstall GOODFEEL so that you can install it onto another machine you must move the copy protection authorization from the hard drive to the original installation disk.

To move the copy protection authorization back to the original installation disk:

1) Insert the original product diskette into a floppy drive.
2) Click on Start Menu | Run
3) Type: a:removecp<Enter>

If you ever get any copy protection errors write down the error number and message and contact Dancing Dots.

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