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GOODFEEL (and Lime and SharpEye)
Lime Lighter (SharpEye and Lime)
CakeTalking 8.5 for SONAR 8.5
CakeTalking 8 for SONAR 8
CakeTalking 7 for SONAR 7
CakeTalking 6 for SONAR 6
CakeTalking 5 for SONAR 5
CakeTalking 4 for SONAR 4
CakeTalking 3.5 for SONAR 3
CakeTalking 3.1 for SONAR 2
CakeTalking for Cakewalk Pro Audio
Sibelius Speaking 3 for Sibelius 3
Sibelius Speaking 1 for Sibelius 2
JAWS Help Pertinant to Dancing Dots Products
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