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CakeTalking for Cakewalk SONAR Technical Support and Tips

System Requirements



Upgrades for CakeTalking and SONAR.

Version 3.1 Is the Latest Version!

Improvements over 3.08
  • Support for both DXI and VST soft synths.
  • Support for the drum map manager where you can have multiple drum set sounds assigned to one track.
  • Support for German Windows.
  • Expanded Tutorial help and help in message boxes.
  • The Track view skip to column hotkeys are 100% stable now.
  • Increased reliability in graphics labeling.
  • Fixed all reported bugs.

Improvements over 3.07

  • Windows 98 & Me are supported
  • More tutorial documents

Upgrade Directions

If you have any version of CakeTalking for SONAR, you may upgrade to version 3.1 for free. The Latest version is 3.1.7. To check on the Internet for the latest version, go to the Start menu and click on Programs | CakeTalking 3 | CakeTalking Internet Update.

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