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Using CakeTalking and Sibelius Speaking without Administrator Rights

Windows allows for accounts with different access privileges, for example, installing software. A user with "Administrator" privileges is able to assign these privileges. If you need more help, contact an expert in your organization or read about User Accounts in your Windows Help file.

Most Dancing Dots installation programs need to be run with Administrator rights; however, our installation programs must also be run while logged in under the account that the software will be used. Usually, this problem only occurs in schools or where there are many users on a computer network.

The only solution at this time is to acquire Administrator rights temporarily. Here are the directions for installing our software if our software complains that you need Administrator rights.

First read these notes

  • Please read all of these directions before starting.
  • The software will not be installed properly if you use Run as... to run the installation program as Administrator.
  • For security reasons, system administrators should first change the password on the account that will be used.


  • Get Administrator rights for the account with which you'll be using our software. This usually means that you need to ask a system administrator to install the software for you by following these directions.
  • Log in as the user who will be using the software.
  • Install all the software, for example, SONAR and CakeTalking for SONAR.
  • Restore the account's rights back to where they were before this operation. The system administrator's work may be done at this point.
  • Continue with the normal installation procedure including configuration like graphics labeling for JAWS related products.

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