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MIDI Musical Equipment

The equipment shown here is compatible with music software and assistive technology from dancing Dots. These products are some of the most popular items with our customers. Please do contact us if you are looking for something you don't see here. You might want to check out our soundcards.

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MIDI Controllers and Keyboards

These keyboards connect via a USB cable which is included. They also come with a power supply just in case your PC's internal USB hub cannot supply enough power for the keyboard. You may want to obtain an external powered USB hub anyway. They are relatively inexpensive and can be found locally at most electronics stores. Adding an external USB hub reduces the chances of USB devices overloading your system's power resources.

These keyboards are MIDI controllers. The terms controller and keyboard are somewhat interchangeable. Controllers drive the sounds which are built into your PC's soundcard while keyboards usually make sounds of their own. Controllers need your PC or a MIDI sound module to make sounds.

Behringer B-Control Fader BCF2000

The Behringer B-Control Fader BCF2000 Total-Recall USB/MIDI Controller puts you in the drivers seat of your virtual recording rig. Software-based music production has done away with the bulk and nuisance of stacks of hardware, but if you're like most modern musicians, you wouldn't mind having tactile, real-time control, right? BCF2000 to the rescue! Whether you use Cubase, Logic, Ableton, Cakewalk, or another DAW, the BCF2000 gives you physical control over your interface and your software instruments. Experience the joys of operating "actual" organ drawbars and "real" console faders - with the Behringer B-Control Fader BCF2000.

Our Online Price $299.99

Premium Keyboards

Roland A-88

88-key MIDI Keyboard Controller with Hammer-action Keys, Octave/Transpose Buttons, Sustain/Expression Pedal Inputs, Bend/Mod Lever, and D-BEAM Controller


  • Impeccable Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement
  • Roland's bend/mod lever and D-BEAM controller
  • Assignable knobs and switches
  • Octave and transpose buttons
  • Keyboard split and layer functionality
  • Sustain and expression pedal inputs
  • Mac and Windows compatible
  • iOS music app compatibility on the iPad (via optional Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit)

 Our Online Price $999.00

Novation 25 and 49 SL Mk II

Serious DAW Control to Streamline Your Workflow!
Novation's SL Mk II has the best key action among affordable keyboard controllers.

Novation SL Mk II 25 and 49 key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller at a Glance:

  • Take a hands-on, touch-sensitive approach to all aspects of making music
  • Map controls at break-neck speed using the included Automap 3 PRO software
  • LED visual feedback keeps you in touch with every MIDI assignment
  • Includes the Xcite+ Pack, so you can immediately start getting creative
  • Bus-powered for the musician on the go
Novation 49 SL Mk 2
Our Online Price $349.99
Picture of the Novation 49 SL Mk 2

The Novation 25 SL Mk II keyboard
Our Online Price $299.99

Affordable Keyboards

Roland A-Pro (300, 500 and 800)

Picture of the Roland APro

Way more than a keyboard! Cakewalk's A-300 PRO is one serious MIDI controller. Beyond having 32 velocity-sensitive keys for playing virtual instruments, this beast boasts a total of 45 assignable controls knobs, buttons, sliders, and more. You can assign out the controls however you want, so you can get your hands on your mix, finger drum on the 8 Dynamic Pads, control recording start/stop/playback... whatever your workflow demands. If you're choosing your first MIDI controller, you can't go wrong with the A-300 PRO. The keys glide under your fingers, you've got controls for whatever you want, it works with your Mac or PC... and the A-300 PRO even comes with sweet software. Nice.

When you're getting a MIDI controller, you've got factors to consider. Mainly, you want to make sure you have the level of control you need. Why have only keys, then, when you can grab the A-300 PRO and load up with 32 keys plus 45 different controls for your DAW? If portability's a concern also, the A-300 PRO still fits the bill. It can be powered by your Mac or PC over USB no need for an AC adapter, unless you want one. That means the A-300 PRO and your laptop are a perfect pair for your music-making needs. Speaking of music-making needs, the A-300 PRO comes with three virtual instruments plus the Production Plus Pack music creation software, so you've got the tools to get creative right away. In fact, with the A-300 PRO, its included software, and your computer, you'll be set to start laying down your virtual instrument-inspired tracks.

What instruments and software come with the Cakewalk A-300 PRO? You get three virtual instruments for crafting synth-style tones and building huge-sounding drum parts. Ready to record them? Use the included SONAR LE software for your PC and start sequencing your tunes. All in all, you'll be set to create, compose, and produce your music all with the Cakewalk A-300 PRO package!

The Roland A-Pro 300 - 32 Keys
Our Online Price $219.00

The Roland A-Pro 500 - 49 Keys
Our Online Price $299.00

The Roland A-Pro 800 - 61 Keys
Our Online Price $399.00

Yamaha Motif XF

The Motif XF is the most accessible modern keyboard workstation. Unlike most other currently available keyboard workstations, the Motif uses physical controls, instead of a touch screen, for controlling its features. Its many dedicated controls provide instant access to most commonly used functions. Accessible computer-based software is available for editing instrument sounds, creating splits and layers, uploading new samples and instruments, and more.

A computer-based recording solution can unquestionably access a greater number of instrument sounds, and has access to a greater amount of mixing capabilities. Keyboard workstations, though, include many dedicated buttons, knobs, and sliders for directly accessing functions, are easier to quickly switch between instrument sounds, and have other speed and reliability qualities that make them better tools for the live performer or for quickly sketching song ideas.

Choose from a 61-Key, 76-Key or 88-Key model. The size that's right for you will depend on your own needs, budget, and workspace.

Picture of the Motif XF 61 Key Order your Motif XF today through Dancing Dots and express your support for our mission to support blind musicians all over the world.
Purchase price includes up to 1 hour of orientation from an expert blind Motif user.

The Yamaha Motif XF6; 61 Keys
Our Online Price $2,499.99

The Yamaha Motif XF7; 76 Keys
Our Online Price $3,199.99

The Yamaha Motif XF8; 88 Keys
Our Online Price $3,599.99

The Yamaha Motif XF is not only one of the hottest professional keyboards on the market today, it's also one of the most accessible for a blind user. Many Dancing Dots customers have come to love this excellent instrument and have gone to great lengths to create accessible documentation for the Motif. There is also accessible third-party software available to help blind users get the most out of the features of the Motif XS.

Other keyboards:

Yamaha PSR-E443 61 key portable Keyboard

Picture of the PSR-E443.
The Yamaha PSR-E443 is a 61-key Portable Arranger Keyboard with 731 Sounds, 32-note Polyphony, 6-track Sequencer, Yamaha Education Suite, USB, and Speakers. Power supply sold separately, runs off of batteries. Please note that you will need a USB cable.

Our Online Price $249.99

Yamaha PSR-E443 accessories

Yamaha FC4 Sustain Foot Pedal Retail $60.00

Our Online Price $39.99

Yamaha PA 150 Power Adapter Retail $39.99

Our Online Price $29.99

On-Stage Pro Double X Lok-Tight Stand Retail $109.99

Our Online Price $59.99

Oxygen25 Controller Keyboard

Picture of the Oxygen25. The Oxygen25 is a fully functional MIDI keyboard, plus eight knobs to control any MIDI parameters you desire. This compact package is perfect for controlling software synths like Reason. Compose on the go or use it to perform live for bass lines, pads, triggering effects or ArKaos VJ visual effects. Fits in a 19 inch rack or the optional Studio Pack or Oxygen Tank.

Our Online Price $119.99

MIDISport 2x2, M-Audio

A 2-in/2-out USB MIDI interface for laptops and desktops with soundcards that can't support MIDI from their game ports. This device is compatible with Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP and computers conforming to USB specifications Ver.1.1.

Our Online Price $69.97

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