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Active Braille

picture showing part of a person using a Active Braille. Active Braille with Active Tactile Control
Active Braille is the world’s first 40 character Braille display with patented ATC technology. In addition to being an ergonomically optimized Braille display, Active Braille is also a powerful note taker on which you can store hundreds of books. Reading is a real pleasure with the automatic scrolling of the Bookworm mode. Read books at your own speed from beginning to end without hardly ever having to press a button.

Handy Tech sets new standards for Braille displays with the use of HID technology (Human Interface Device) drivers that makes it easier than ever to simply plug and Braille. Connected via USB to a computer, Active Braille is immediately ready to use.

Active Braille also offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity for use with computers and mobile devices. The ergonomically designed Braille keyboard allows for the entry of text directly from Active Braille.

Active Braille is ideal for reading books. With its unique ability to detect the tactile reading position, the Bookworm mode allows for the automatic scrolling of text and Active Braille is also an awesome note taking, reading and Braille instructional companion.

The ATC Log Analyzer provides trainers and Braille teachers with the ability to monitor specific reading behaviors and provide measurable, quantitative data on their student’s progress on the lesson-by-lesson basis.

Our Online Price $6,495 plus $75 S/H

Basic Braille

Basic Braille 40, 64 or 80 cell
The Handy Tech Basic Braille is perfect for people who want a fantastic quality braille display at a very affordable price. Recognizing the need to offer a competitively priced braille display without compromising the quality for which Handy Tech braille devices are known for worldwide, this little gem is a stroke of genius in its simplicity.

Three buttons on either side of the braille display are used for command and control. These keys are flush to the sleek and attractive aluminum housing while still being easy to feel. Cursor routing buttons above each braille sell makes editing documents a snap. If you want a rugged, high quality braille display with a two year warranty for use on a desktop and/or laptop computer then check out Basic Braille because feeling is believing!

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Basic Braille

Our Online Price $9,995 plus $125 S/H

Braille Star 80 with USB
picture of a Braille 80 shown from the side.
Braille Star 80

Easy Braille

Take it Easy, Easy Braille with Bluetooth
picture of a Easy Braille and part of a laptop keyboard. Despite its tiny size, Easy Braille is a fully functional Braille display. Connected via USB to a PC, Easy Braille doesn't require power cables. Also now taking orders for Easy Braille with Bluetooth® support. Experience the wonders of Bluetooth® wireless technology as you use Easy Braille to totally control your computer and have crisp accurate Braille output from up to 30 feet away from your computer.

Our Online Price $4,495 plus $100 S/H

Modular Evolution with Active Tactile Control (ATC)

picture of a woman using Modular Evolution. Modular Evolution is designed for the Braille reading professional in their workplace. With either 88 or 64 Braille cells, this Modular Braille display is the first one to use the revolutionary Active Tactile Control (ATC) technology. ATC offers Braille readers new and more efficient ways to use a PC. You can also listen to an audio demonstration of the Modular Evolution Braille display.

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