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Creative Ensembles for Beginning Musicians, First Series, by Stephanie Pieck

Twenty-five Original Compositions in Three Parts for Instrumental, Voice, or Piano Ensemble

Compiled and Edited by Richard Taesch

Creative Ensembles for Beginning Musicians, First Series , is a collection of 25 trios for readers of music at the beginning level. The book follows the progression of concepts as presented in Richard Taesch's An Introduction to Music for the Blind Student, Part I. These trios can be played on keyboard, sung, or performed on a student's primary instrument.

The author tells us: "As an educator, I strongly believe that the more any student reads, the better they will become at doing it, whether they are reading print, Braille, music or literature. I tried to develop pieces that present musical concepts in interesting and unique ways."

Pieck does offer new and interesting material for exercising one's skill in reading music. Her book promotes and celebrates music literacy independent of the written medium. It is available in both print and braille editions and will serve both blind and sighted beginner musicians. The braille edition presents both single-line and score format methods for each piece.

About the Author

Stephanie Pieck graduated with honors from Ithaca College in 1994 and holds a degree in piano performance.  She serves as a specialist in international Braille keyboard music collections for the Music Education Network for the Visually Impaired and has taught Braille music for the New York State Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped.  She has provided consultation on music education and library development for individuals or programs in Indonesia, Malawi, Malaysia, and Serbia.  She was a semifinalist at the Tenth International Competition for Blind Musicians in Prague in 2003, and won the 2006 Vivian Nelson Prize from the National Federation of Music Clubs.  With the goals of fostering music literacy as well as creating meaningful and unique experiences for educators, performers and listeners, her commissioned works have been well-received in the United States and Japan.

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Creative Ensembles, First Series, by Stephanie Pieck

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