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Who's Afraid of Braille Music

  By Richard Taesch and William McCann

A Short Introduction and Resource Handbook for Parents and Students

Who Should Read This Book

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Are you a teacher or parent of a blind student who has an interest or need to learn to read braille music? Want to help, but feeling a bit anxious or unprepared to do so?

Are you, yourself a blind musician who wants to know more about how music looks in braille? Have people warned you that it's "soooo hard"?

Then "Who's Afraid of Braille Music?" is for you! Find out how sensible Louis Braille's system for music really is. Learn to read, write, play and sing music in braille - even if people have tried to tell you that you're one of the singing impaired!


The purpose of this little book is to dispel ill-conceived notions that have discouraged students from learning to read braille music, or have caused teachers to think music reading is only for their sighted students. We'll give you a starting point for exploration, and we'll have some fun too.

Try the few simple lessons that follow and complete the assignments that we have provided. Watch how doors to new musical freedom and independence begin to open.

Richard Taesch - Braille Music Division,
Southern California Conservatory of Music

William McCann - Founder and President,
Dancing Dots Braille Music Technology

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