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Installing CakeTalking for Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 under JAWS 4.5

We at Dancing Dots have successfully installed CakeTalking 2.259 for Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 under JAWS 4.5 with Windows Millennium. We do not officially claim support for other versions of Windows yet because customers have not yet told us that they have had success installing under JAWS 4.5 with other versions of Windows. We are sure that CakeTalking will not run under Windows XP, and we can say that some customers have had problems installing under Windows 2000. To our knowledge, nobody has ever tried to install under Windows NT and we do not have a machine running NT on which we could test CakeTalking.

So, if you have Windows Millennium, Windows98 or Windows95, read on and give it a try:

In order to install CakeTalking under JAWS 4.5, you must have the Dancing Dots Products and Demos CD labeled CD006. Or, you must download the setup.exe file from: http://www.dancingdots.com/ct/225

If you do download the file, be sure to remember the name of the folder into which you download the setup.exe file. For convenience, you may wish to save it into \windows\temp or desktop.

How to Run the CakeTalking setup.exe with the JFWSCAN Command Line

You must use the Windows Run Dialog to find the setup.exe and type in the JFWSCAN (all caps) parameter before running the set up. JFWSCAN stands for J F W Scan. It must be entered as one word in all capitals.

If you have our CD006 place it in your CD drive. Unless your PC has the Windows Auto Run feature disabled, the CD will load automatically. If it does, press ALT+X to close it.

Hold down the Windows Key while you press the letter R. This keystroke should open the Windows Run Dialog.
Tab to the Browse Button and press ENTER.

Locate the setup.exe file on our CD or on your hard drive. If you have saved the CakeTalking setup.exe on your hard drive, locate the appropriate folder by tabbing or shift-tabbing to the file list and arrowing up or down to find it.

If you are using the CD, tab or shift-tab to the "Look In" combo box. Arrow down to the entry for your PC's CD drive and press ENTER. You may see the CD listed as "Ddots_CD06". Now tab to the List View that contains names of folders and files and type C until you hear CakeTalking. Press ENTER. Type the letter S until you hear setup.exe and press ENTER.

You should be sitting at an "OK" button. Press tab until you reach the "Open" edit box.

Press the END Key and press the space bar once.

Now type the following using all capital letters: JFWSCAN and press ENTER.

The "Attention JAWS Users" screen will appear. Press the OK button to clear.

Next, if you correctly typed the "JFWSCAN" parameter, you will come to the Untested JAWS Version Found Dialog. It will warn you to proceed at your own risk. Go ahead and proceed!

Next the CakeTalking Authorization, Welcome, and License Agreement screens should follow. You should now come to the Select JAWS for Windows Directory Dialog.

Now, Tab through the check boxes to make sure that JAWS 4.5 is listed. You may want to uncheck any boxes pointing to versions of JAWS which already have the CakeTalking scripts installed.

Now proceed as normal with the rest of the installation process.

Note: If you do not see JAWS 4.5 listed, but you have six other JAWS versions listed, you will need to run the CakeTalking setup.exe with the JFWBROWSE parameter instead of the JFWSCAN parameter. For the vast majority of JAWS users, I think the JFWSCAN option will be most useful. Substitute JFWBROWSE for JFWSCAN in the instructions above and browse the open dialog for the jfw.exe file in the \jaws450 folder.

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