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Miscellaneous Lime Support

Logic error in openpiece()

This problem only occurs with Lime 7 and earlier versions.

Some users have reported getting this error under Windows XP SP2 when Lime is started either from SharpEye or from double-clicking a lime file. We have a fix but this fix sometimes causes problems with GOODFEEL so you may need to decide whether you want to go easily from SharpEye to Lime or from Lime to GOODFEEL. GOODFEEL 3 has been released and does not have this problem so you might want to just upgrade!

Here's the fix:

  • Setting Lime to run under Windows 98/Me compatibility mode:
    • Right-clicking Lime under Start | Programs | Lime | Lime 7.25 and selecting Properties (bottom item).
    • Select the Compatibility tab.
    • Check Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 98 / Windows Me.
    • Click on OK.
  • Be sure to start Lime from the Start menu or desktop before starting Lime from SharpEye or double-clicking a Lime file.

Staff Lines Missing

No reports of this have been reported with Lime 8.

If staff lines are missing I've gotten them back by turning down the video hardware acceleration (some of this may be video card specific):

  1. Go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Display
  2. Click on the Performance tab
  3. Try different settings of the hardware acceleration slider. You basically want it as close to full as possible but you need to turn it down for Lime. You MUST restart your computer after each change (I don't know why).
  • If this doesn't help then set the hardware acceleration back to Full.
  • Note that turning down the acceleration may cause problems for JAWS or other screen reader programs.
  • Please report to us your video card type so that we can try to figure out when this happens. The video card type can be found in Control Panel | Display | Settings tab | Advanced button | Adapter.

SharpEye/NIFF Import

When bringing files into Lime from SharpEye we recommend accepting the defaults in Lime's import dialog (just click OK) unless the defaults were already tried and the music didn't come out correctly.

With Lime 8

Red rests in Lime 8 indicate problems with your SharpEye file. It is possible to fix the problems in Lime but we recommend finding the problems in SharpEye, fixing them and then sending the file to Lime again.

With Lime 7

Go right into Launch GOODFEEL and if there are "Incorrect amount of time" warnings then use the measure number to find the measure in SharpEye and fix the problems. Close the Lime document and don't save it since you'll be making a new one from the changes that you just made in SharpEye. If you can't get it right in SharpEye then go to Lime again and this time click on Automatically apply correct measure in Lime's import dialog and then you might have to make some adjustments in Lime.

Are Your Fonts Missing?

If Lime or any program complains about missing fonts or simply does not allow you to select a font that you know is installed, then it's probably because you have a braille or Generic/Text Only printer selected as your default Windows printer. This may occur on all versions of Windows. The solution is to be sure that your default printer is not a braille or Generic/Text Only printer. Even if you don't have or need a non-Generic/Text Only printer you should still install one and make it your default since this is the only way to get around this problem.

We've also seen a few cases where network printers have caused this problem. If you suspect this is the case then try selecting a different printer that is not a Generic/Text Only printer.

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