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GOODFEEL® Copy Protection Problems

With the release of version 2.6, GOODFEEL no longer relies on the use of a floppy disk to install an authorization key. If you have Windows NT, 2000 or XP you must upgrade to GOODFEEL 2.6. Even if you use other versions of Windows, there are other good reasons to upgrade.

Copy Protection Update

Our copy protection vendor has updated their product and fixed a few bugs. If your GOODFEEL version number is less than 2.52 then please:

If you continue to experience problems please run CPTest.exe again and e-mail the results to Contact us

Reinstalling Your Copy Protection

To reinstall your copy protection:

  • Put your floppy into your computer.
  • Open My Computer and double-click your floppy drive.
  • Double-click winmove.exe on your floppy drive.
  • Check Move Authorization and uncheck Reset Authorization and click on Continue.
  • Enter A:\ as the source drive and C:\ as the destination drive and click on Continue.

Installing the Copy Protection under MS-DOS Mode

Note that Windows ME will not boot into MS-DOS mode so you may need to look for a different solution. Here are our instructions for booting into MS-DOS mode:

  • Go to Start | Shutdown and select Restart in MS-DOS mode and click on Yes or OK.
  • Insert your GOODFEEL installation or authorization floppy.
  • Type A:[ENTER].
  • If you have reset codes from Dancing Dots, type EVMOVE /R A:\[ENTER] and enter your reset codes when prompted. Wait for this to finish.
  • Type EVMOVE A:\ C:\ /b[ENTER] (note the back and forward slashes). Wait for this to finish.
  • Remove your floppy, type exit and try GOODFEEL.

Your machine halts unexpectedly

If your machine halts unexpectedly during the installation process, click here for information from our copy protection vendor. Note that Windows Me can not boot into MS-DOS mode so you will need to deal with the 32-bit protected programs in Windows as mentioned in the link above. See the directions above if you want to install the copy protection under MS-DOS mode.

Authorization not found. 7043-4302-4300 (when running GOODFEEL)

Sometimes the copy protection must be installed in MS-DOS mode. See the directions above.

All Other Copy Protection Problems

Click here (http://www.az-tech.com/ev_faq.html) for all other problems and contact us if you still need help after visiting this site.

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