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Special Cases of Transcribing Music Using GOODFEEL

This document describes what steps to take in SharpEye and Lime to help GOODFEEL create better music braille for some special cases of music.

Percussion Music

  • SharpEye can't recognize one line staves so if your music has a one line staff then you'll need to enter the music manually using Lime.
  • See GOODFEEL's help file for more info; open "percussion music" (using the index).
  • If there are two percussion parts written on one staff be sure to set the circles to the left of the first measure in SharpEye so that there are two circles. This will make each instrument a separate part in Lime even if they are on the same staff. Separate the parts in Lime using the Parts & Voices dialog under the Voices menu. This is very important because percussion parts should be brailled separately.

Voices Crossing Staves (as in Keyboard Music)


  • SharpEye doesn't track voices when they cross from one staff to another and it will probably be confused by missing rests that are assumed. The best solution usually is to move all the notes of the switching voice to one staff.
  • See GOODFEEL's help file about Hand Indications which can be found it in the Contents tab of the help file: Look in Contents | Preparing Files for GOODFEEL to Transcribe | Preparing Lime Files for GOODFEEL | Annotations | Specific Annotations | Hand Indications.

Step by step Example

  • In SharpEye:
    • Scan the file normally, save the image and Read the image. Here is my image file which you can download and load it into SharpEye using File | Open.
    • Move all the notes to the top staff.
      • Insert the notes from the left hand onto the top staff. It's probably best to insert them on the top staff and then drag them down or use the arrows keys to get their pitches correct.
      • Delete the notes from the bottom staff.
    • Insert whole measure rests in the bottom staff.
    • Fix the slurs (by the way, this process simplifies the slurring also).
    • Beam the pairs of notes together. This doesn't really affect anything; it just looks nicer.
    • Here is my SharpEye file at this point.
    • Send the file to Lime.
  • In Lime:
    • Make any usual edits.
    • Add hand indications of l.h. to the first and ninth notes of measure 1 (see Notes above)
    • Add hand indications of r.h. to the third and eleventh notes of measure 1
    • Repeat the previous two steps for measure 2.
    • Add an indications of simile to the first note of measure 3 to indicate that the hand sign pattern is repeated until further notice.
    • Here is my Lime file at this point.
    • Send the file to GOODFEEL.
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