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GOODFEEL 3 Overview (Movie and Descriptive Text)

An icon of a movie camera A Movie of an overview of GOODFEEL

Here is the script for this overview of GOODFEEL:

  • (GOODFEEL is already running and we are picking up the action where the Lime overview left off - after selecting Launch GOODFEEL from Lime's File menu.)
  • Double-click the warning about the missing bar line at the end of the piece so that GOODFEEL opens a help file page which has a description of the warning message and what should be done about it.
  • Close the help file.
  • Click on Process in GOODFEEL's Intermediate dialog. (This dialog is displayed based on your Automation settings and the severity of problems with your Lime (or music source) file. If a message shows up that needs to be fixed: Select the Exit/Reload tab, press the Exit GOODFEEL button, fix the problem in Lime and then use Launch GOODFEEL again.)
  • Click on the Braille Editor button to display the braille on the screen. The window is dragged into view and then the braille editor is closed.
  • Click on the Embosser button to send the braille to your embosser and exit GOODFEEL.

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