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Tutorials with Movies for GOODFEEL 3

All of these movies are accompanied by descriptive text scripts so even if you can't see them, the scripts will be useful.

Overview of the Whole Process

SharpEye Movies

Lime 7 Movies

Note that these movies are for Lime 7! The only real difference is the way annotations are handled; otherwise, the basic techniques are the same.



  • This is a new page that we are currently developing. Click here to send comments and requests for other movies to us.
  • Left mouse clicks are denoted by red flashes and right mouse clicks by blue flashes.
  • If you get the message 'Windows Media Player cannot play this file. Connect to the Internet...' then right-click the link to the movie and use Save Target As... to download the movie file to your computer and open the file once it is downloaded.
  • Some movie players automatically rewind the movie after playing the movie. It might be helpful to pause the movie right before the end or to slide the movie position indicator to the end after the movie has been played.
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