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Lime Aloud Bar Lines with Repeats


This page describes how bar lines with repeats should be used. In print, repeats are part of the bar lines and in Lime's bar line dialog there is a radiobutton that lists all the possible bar lines with all the possible repeats. Bar lines with repeats can be confusing to braille readers because not only are forward and backward repeats not related to bar lines in braille but Lime allows the user to do some things that are not normal and look bad to sighted users.

Problems occur because Lime allows the user to place any bar line anywhere in the music and it is not obvious whether you are at the end or start of a line of music in Lime. It's hard for a Lime Aloud user to know where the start or end of systems are because Lime doesn't explicitly indicate the start and end of systems.

The long term solution needs to be thought out more but for now we have this temporary solution. The long term solution will probably involve Lime speaking the system number or indicating somehow that the start or end of the system is involved in the bar line that's being added or modified.

In print music a system is a line of music that includes all the staves for all the instruments. Systems are typically about 4 measures long but there may be more or less measures depending on the music. Fewer notes allow more measures while more notes allow fewer measures.

Print Music, Bar Lines and Repeats

Print music is laid out horizontally similarly to braille music in that it is read from left to right. In braille music forward repeat signs are before a measure at the start of a section and backward repeat signs are at the end of a section. In print music, the forward and backward repeat signs are part of the bar line but bar lines across system changes are typically only at the end of the previous measure. If you need a forward repeat sign at a section where the previous measure is the end of a system you need to add a bar line where it normally would not go. You might be tempted to add it to the existing bar line and this would look bad.

The Temporary Solution

When adding a bar line with a forward or backward repeat be extra aware of the following things:

  • Bar lines with forward repeats can not be at the end of a system and bar lines with backward repeats can not be at the beginning of a system. This includes bar lines with both forward and backward repeats.
  • Bar lines with forward repeats at the start of systems should have 'Don't count this bar line in bar numbering' checked.
  • Before entering the bar line dialog know whether you are at the start or end of a system. To do this:
    • Press 'C' and note the system number,
    • Move across the existing bar line that you are considering modifying using the arrow keys,
    • Pressing 'C' and note the system number again,
    • If the system number changed then you need to be careful.

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