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MIDISCAN and SmartScore Tips

Dancing Dots offers a competitive upgrade to SharpEye that is available to all licensed users of SmartScore and MIDISCAN. We recommend SharpEye because it's very accurate, it can be more closely integrated with Lime and Cakewalk and the developer is much more responsive to our requests and the needs of blind users.

To send your MIDISCAN 3.0 and SmartScore data to Lime:

  • Follow all the normal scanning procedures including those in Tips for Using MIDISCAN with GOODFEEL.
  • MIDISCAN: Use File | Save As... | Save NIFF File.
    SmartScore: Use File | Save As... | In "Save As Type" select "NIFF for Lime".
  • Start Lime and use File | Import NIFF... and specify the same file that you specified in MIDISCAN or SmartScore.

Microtech Scanners are TWAIN-compatible if they are at least 5 years old.

There is a conflict between Omni Page Pro 9.0 and MIDISCAN. It will be necessary to upgrade to SharpEye or SmartScore (it's worth it).

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