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How to Scan Multiple Pages in SharpEye


Scanning multiple pages is covered in Multi-page Scores in SharpEye's online help. We recommend using the process that involves converting the pages individually (Read | Read) and then combining them in SharpEye.

If your piece has multiple pages then you should:

  1. Process each page separately (get the image, recognize the page, fix errors and save the music). When you save the image and music files, it helps to put the page number in the file name.
  2. After all of the pages have been processed:
    1. Use File | Open Music to open the first page and click on Replace.
    2. For each additional page, use File | Open Music and click on Append.


  1. Process each page separately (see scanning section of Creating Music Braille using SharpEye2, Lime and GOODFEEL) and save each page (File | Save Music As...) and put some indication of the page number in each file name to help you keep track of the pages.
  2. Use File | Open Music... to select the first page's file and click on Replace if you get the Replace or append music dialog.
  3. For each remaining page: go to File | Open Music..., select the next page's file and click on Append in the Replace or append music dialog.
  4. Use File | Save Music As... to save the whole piece using a name that won't get confused with the individual page file names.
  5. When you are done:
    1. For Lime: go to File | NIFF | Save and open temp file.
    2. For MIDI: go to File | MIDI | Save and open temp file.

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