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This page describes options for training in the latest music technology for blind musicians and those who educate them. It also lists upcoming conferences and training events where Dancing Dots will be exhibiting or presenting.

Call us to discuss your training needs and we can create a training plan for you. Want to sponsor a small-group training in your area? Call us to discuss the possibilities.

Training to Meet Your Needs

Did you know that Dancing Dots can train you over the internet? That's right. We now use excellent tools such as JAWS Tandem and GoToMeeting to connect our desktop to yours with your permission. While we talk over a phone or Skype connection, we can hear and see what you are doing on your PC and, when necessary, you can see and hear our desktop. Using this technology, we have trained both blind and sighted customers throughout the United States and in other countries to:
  • scan, edit and transcribe print music into braille
  • learn how to read braille music
  • learn how to enter, revise and print out their own compositions, arrangements, and music theory assignments
  • Independently produce multi-track sound recordings using CakeTalking for SONAR

On-site Training

A trainer from Dancing Dots can travel to your school, office or home and train you in any of the following:

  • Learn music scanning editing and automatic braille music transcription using GOODFEEL.
  • Learn to independently create, edit and produce multi-track sound recordings with a PC using MIDI and audio with our JAWS-based access solution to Cakewalk SONAR called CakeTalking.
  • Learn to produce publishing-quality music notation with our JAWS-based, Lime Aloud notation software.
  • Learn to read and write braille music notation.

Contact us to schedule your training.

Call 610-783-6692 or e-mail Dancing Dots for more information and to discuss your training needs.

Free Online Orientation Sessions

We plan to offer regular 45-minute, online sessions to help new or existing customers feel confident that their Dancing Dots music technology is properly installed and configured. These will be small-group sessions. Select your preferred date.

Rates for Training

Small-group Training

Most of our small-group trainings are offered at the customer's site. From time to time, we have also offered small-group trainings in the Philadelphia area near our home base.

The daily rate for a group from 2 to 6 participants is $2,000. Call us to discuss rates for larger groups. The customer pays all travel expenses for our trainer.

Alternatively, you can contract with us to receive remote training (sometimes called "Distance Training"). The rate for one-on-one or small-group remote training is the same: $95 per hour.

One-on-one Training

The rate for on-site One-on-one training is $125 per hour plus travel expenses for our trainer.

The rate for one-on-one remote training is $95 per hour. Nobody has any travel costs because nobody has to go anywhere!

A Dream Come True

I just want to thank you for making it possible for Gordon to come down and spend some time to teach me how to use CakeTalking for Sonar. What a great time we had! Learning how to use such a wonderful product, which, in turn, allows me to use my Roland keyboard that I've had sitting around, is a dream come true. When I put together a few parts for a portion of one of the songs I had played in church, I experienced a joy that I hadn't felt in a long time. My goal is to learn how to use CakeTalking for Sonar and to be able to use it in future church work.

Thank you again for your hard work in putting together the new system in such a short time and for making the trip possible.

Anne from Atlanta, Georgia
7:58 AM 10/26/2010

Conferences, Presentations and Demonstrations

At these conferences we will be demonstrating The Lime Lighter low-vision music-reading device that magnifies print music, our GOODFEEL® Braille Music Translator with Lime, Lime Aloud, music scanning, Cakewalk SONAR and CakeTalking for SONAR. Visitors can also see the TACK-TILES® teaching aid for braille music and samples of our print and braille music publications.

Dancing Dots cordially invites you to visit us at the following events to see the latest in technology for blind and low vision musicians. Please forward this information to anyone who might want to attend.

Our distributor for The Lime Lighter, Ed Vitu, will be happy to show you The Lime Lighter at the following venues. Feel free to write him using his E-mail: evitu@flash.net address to schedule meetings in advance.

Thursday, April 19th, 8:15 to 3:15 (My presentation will be in Veterans 2 at 1:15) PATINS Tech Expo 2012 Indianapolis Marriott East 7202 E. 21st Street Indianapolis IN 46219

April 20th, 8:45 to 4:15 2012 Digital Accessibility Expo University of Illinois at Chicago UIC forum 725 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60608

April 21st 8:30 to 4:00 Guild Technology Solutions 65 E. Wacker Place Suite 1010 Chicago IL 60601

April 26th 8:00 to 5:00 April 27th 8:00 to 3:00 Michigan AER Marriott Livonia at Laurel Park Place 17100 Laurel Park Drive North Livonia MI 48152

May 3rd :00 to 3:00 Illinois Rehabilitation Association Conference Four Points Sheraton 500 Hamilton Blvd Peoria IL 62707

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