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CakeTalking 2.25 for CWPA9 Updates

This page lists notes, known problems and fixes for CakeTalking 2.25. To determine which version of CakeTalking, press INSERT+CONTROL+V. Download version 2.259.

CakeTalking 2.259
  • CakeTalking 2.259 will work with JAWS versions 3.5 through 4.02. Click here for instructions on installing CakeTalking for CWPA9 under JAWS 4.5
  • CakeTalking 2.259 does not work properly under Windows NT and XP. Under Windows 2000, you may need to install and run Cakewalk and CakeTalking as the Administrator before CakeTalking will work with a non-Administrator.
  • Version Numbers: Under JAWS 3.5 through 3.7U, the CakeTalking version number will be 2.254 but under JAWS 4.0 through 4.02 the CakeTalking version number will be 2.259.
CakeTalking 2.258
  • CakeTalking 2.258 will NOT work with a version of JAWS higher than 4.00.103. Note that JAWS 4.01 is necessary for Windows XP! We are investigating the problems.
  • Version Numbers: Under JAWS 3.5 through 3.7U, the CakeTalking version number will be 2.254 but under JAWS 4.0 the CakeTalking version number will be 2.258.
CakeTalking 2.253
  • Download 2.259.
  • CakeTalking 2.253 will not work with (or get installed into) JAWS 4.0. Use the link above. Note that you must have JAWS 4.01 if you have Windows XP but we do not recommend using CakeTalking with JAWS version 4.01!
  • Document Errors (If you wish to change any of these you must first uncheck Read-only in the properties of the indicated file.)
    • What's New In CT 2.25.doc: In the section: 30. USING KEY REPEAT WHILE SCRUBBING: The keystroke INSERT+K should be CONTROL+INSERT+NUM5. Note: In the quick hot key dialog access with CONTROL+H, if you select the audio from the list and press enter it will give you the correct keystrokes for the audio view.
    • Tutorials\Lessons in Separate Text Files\62 Lesson Summaries 2.txt: On the first line: 61 should be 62.

CakeTalking 2.0 through 2.25

If you have any version of CakeTalking from 2.0 and higher, you can download version 2.259 for free.

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