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SharpEye Overview (Movie and Descriptive Text)

SharpEye Overview

An icon of a movie camera Movie of an overview of SharpEye (This movie is wide so if it doesn't seem clear try making the movie player window bigger.)

Here is the script for this overview of SharpEye:

  • (SharpEye is already running.)
  • Acquire the Image
    • Click on File | Acquire and SharpEye will open your scanner's interface.
    • In your scanner's interface select:
      • Black and white image, Line Art or OCR
      • 300 dpi
    • Click on the Scan button and your image will be scanned and returned to SharpEye.
  • Save the image file with File | Save Image As....
  • Make SharpEye figure out the notes in the image using the Read | Read menu item.
  • Edit the music. Note that only the rhythm warning needed to be fixed; the clef, key signature and annotation were only played with for demonstration purposes.
    • Change the clef from a treble clef to a bass clef and then back to a treble clef:
      • Left-click the treble clef in the music window.
      • Left-click the bass clef in the toolpane.
      • Left-click the treble clef in the toolpane.
    • Change the key signature to three sharps and then back to two sharps:
      • Left-click the key signature in the music window.
      • Left-click the group of three sharps in the toolpane.
      • Left-click the group of two sharps in the toolpane.
    • Change the annotation of Allegro:
      • Left-click Allegro in the music window.
      • Edit the text in the toolpane using normal text editing methods.
    • Fix the rhythm warning:
      • Click on the Go to next rhythm warning button.
      • Note that there is a block where there should be a chord of three notes.
      • Left-click on the block that is the last thing in the measure.
      • Press the delete key.
      • Right-click where the notes should go.
      • Left-click on the eighth note in the toolpane. Note that I mistakenly left-clicked on the quarter note first.
      • Right-click in the music window where the first note of the chord should be.
      • Left-click on Add note head to chord in the toolpane.
      • Right-click in the music window where the two other notes should be.
  • Save the Music file with File | Save Music.
  • Bring your SharpEye file into Lime using File | NIFF | Save and open temp file.

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