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CakeTalking Technical Support Checklist

If you have any problems installing CakeTalking, or configuring Cakewalk Pro Audio or Cakewalk SONAR, before contacting your dealer or Dancing Dots for technical support, make sure that you can answer yes to the following questions. Technical Support personnel will verify that you can do so.
  1. CakeTalking for Cakewalk Pro Audio 9: Have you successfully installed JAWS for Windows version 3.5 or higher and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.02 or higher?
    CakeTalking for SONAR: Have you successfully installed JAWS for Windows version 4.5 or higher and Cakewalk SONAR 2.1 or higher?
  2. Have you carefully read the Install CakeTalking, and the Welcome to CakeTalking documents?
  3. Have you made all necessary changes in your Windows configuration specified in the appropriate tutorial for your version of Windows found in CakeTalking's Setup folder?
  4. Have you run the Configure and Test scripts in Cakewalk Pro Audio or SONAR that are listed in 2Configure.doc?
  5. Are you certain that the JAWS Serial Number of the machine where you are installing CakeTalking agrees with the one supplied to Dancing Dots at time of purchase? CakeTalking is copy-protected and will only run on machines on which the JAWS Serial Number agrees with the one registered with Dancing Dots.
  6. Have you checked the correct CakeTalking update page for technical tips, and to see if there may be a more recent version of CakeTalking available to download?
    CakeTalking for Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 support page
    CakeTalking for SONAR support page
  7. If you purchased CakeTalking from one of our dealers, have you contacted that company for help?
If you purchased your product from Dancing Dots, or simply are not getting any satisfaction from your dealer, please do one of the following:
  • E-mail us at info@dancingdots.com
  • Fax your question to 610-500-5072
  • We would definitely appreciate it if you could E-mail or fax for help. However, if you need to, call Dancing Dots at 610 500-5072. We are a small but growing company. We may actually be more responsive to E-mail or faxes as our voice lines are often busy.

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